Social media has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. What started as a way for people to say what they feel about certain issues and for them to share their life with others has become a multi-million dollar enterprise. People are now hooked to various social media platforms and frankly one cannot blame them. I for one though not addicted to it find the whole social media concept utterly fascinating.

I mean, this is a medium that allows people to have their 15 seconds of fame and if they are really lucky even notoriety. And they have done this inside the comforts of their own home with nothing but a computer and internet access. It makes you see how much one can learn from other people, just how great the ideas are of ordinary people. When you read through blog posts and forum comments, you will realize that most people do make a lot of sense.Some will of course be writing shitty stuff but hey, people have said shitty stuff. That’s just how it goes down. It is no wonder that social media platforms like blogs like livejournal and blogger and social networking sites like Facebook and Friendster have attracted millions, billions of users. It is addicting to share yourself to people. From the hands of a few “snooty” people, the power to shape a common opinion has now been given to the masses. This possibility is what excites me the most I guess. It allowed people to have a say. Now, we can all equally have a say in every issue and through people’s collective voice, we can help institute change, in the government, in business, in the social structure. We have the power now.



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