Social media is perhaps one of the best things that has come out from the internet. Not only does it provide people avenues to say what is on their minds but it is also a way for like-minded individuals to meet and unite under a common goal. If there is an opportunity, a single blog post can spark a debate and unite a people enough to topple a government. I believe that such thing is possible and that the true power of social media is something that we have not seen yet.

But this boundless potential is also seen by companies that are hell bent to use whatever means possible to promote their products and gain higher market share. In fact, some companies have already hired companies that will help them enforce their social media strategies in marketing their products to its millions of page viewers everyday. Included in these social media strategies are creating blog posts to create brand awareness, uploading videos and posting comments on forums.

More and more companies have also put their presence on the internet by first creating engaging websites and then getting ad spaces on major social networking sites, search engines and new sites. Although no one can still say whether they are effective or not, companies seem to think that it is worth their while. Whether or not these social media strategies on marketing their products and services are effective remains to be seen. It will be a few years from now before one can really measure the effectiveness of these marketing campaigns online.


I cannot say that I was surprised to find out that companies right now are not only advertising online through spaces on websites but are also trying what can be called the World Wide Web’s version of guerilla marketing. There are even companies that are tasked to handle such marketing tactics in social media sites.

Like me, I think most people right now turn to the web for their daily dose of information. Frankly I get my news over the internet and though I would so love to watch news programs on television for their videos and graphics, I find that my late hours just don’t coincide with the daily newscast schedule. I think most people have the same dilemma as mine. Younger generation on the other hand are so used to the internet that I think, they will have withdrawal symptoms if the iNternet is suddenly taken from them. The sheer number of Facebook users and Twitter followers is a testament to how social media has become a big hit among the generation now. And these consumers are the target of companies and their social media marketing tactics.

And because the internet is basically free for all, they can just post a comment in forums or make a blog about their products and services, singing their praises and voila, they already have a potentially successful marketing campaign. Although some experts frown upon the morality of it, (you are after all lying to the readers of the forum but posting a blog that is probably meant to sell the product) many are still doing it perhaps because they can get away with it.



Everyone finds information very useful. Whether its personality development or for installing stainless steel sinks, information is a necessity that anyone in the planet is willing to pay to add to their repertoire of knowledge. If you want to enjoy the profit of selling information then you need to come up with a quality E-book that everyone can use in their daily life.

Coming up with a high-quality E-book that can bring you profit only stems from proper planning. If it’s your first time to tap into the information market, then here are some tips that will surely turn this product into a money-making machine.

1. What Information Is Sellable To The Public

There’s plenty of information you can integrate into your E-book and you need to make sure that you create one that returns the most profit for the success of your online business. Do your research and determine the wants and needs of the online public. Don’t waste your time in turning your E-book into general information that contains the basic of everything. Pick a specific topic, fill it up with useful content, and publish it live for everyone to read — for a price of course.

2. Publish Your E-book in PDF

The format of your E-book is very important if you want to successfully sell it to the online public. Keep in mind that not every computer in the world is complete with all the desktop software in the market. You need to create an E-book that is most compatible or easily opened by everyone, like an Adobe PDF format, for example.

3. Organize Your E-Book

The content of your E-book is very important; it should be well-organized for easy reading and navigation. You can integrate a table of content with a clickable link that automatically redirects the reader to a specific page they want to read or put up an index as a navigation option.

Also, the flow of information should be connected as well. For sample, if you’re E-book is about Internet Marketing, then you better start with an introduction of the topic, methods, strategies, implementation, and finally some tips and tricks to make it more useful to your readers.

Another factor to consider is the quality of the content. Aside from the topic, the E-book should be free from grammar or spelling problems to appear professional to the local market. It wouldn’t do your reputation any good if some critics get a hold of your material and tells the world that you don’t know how to spell, right?

4. Set It Up For Circulation On The Web

If you’re selling an E-book to the online public then you better make sure that it is accessible to everyone or they can easily look it up using search engines. Start by implementing SEO to improve its online coverage. Integrate keywords on your selling page that showcase your product. Place commonly-used keywords that describe your E-book to be targeted by search engines.

While you’re at it, you might want to utilize Internet Marketing strategies to improve its ranking to make it appear on the top ranks of search engine result pages. You can implement link building through blogs, social networking, social bookmarking, article publishing, and other method in propagating your site’s link.

5. Persuading Your Visitors To Buy Your E-book

Rather than placing your E-book on a single page with nothing but an image or a logo, you better integrate useful information that summarizes the content of the material, its benefits to the reader, as well as some testimonials from your customers.

Come up with a good sales write-up or a copywriting content to “persuade” your visitors to buy the product. Stick with the actual facts instead of playing around with flowery words to make it more appealing to the online public. After all, your reputation would go down if caught lying. It is also a good idea to post some videos that tell your visitors the advantages of purchasing and using your material, as well as integrate some stories to it for added appeal.



The mission is to create the ultimate environment to enable entrepreuners to create new business or transform the old business into a social media based enterprise where prospective clients,existing customers, employees and suppliers can communicate, collaborate, educate and entertain each other in such a way that they are able and willing to  actively endorse the Company’s products , services and the way the Company does business”.

In order to rapidly change the fortunes of your Business and improve the ROI  of your enterprise,we have created five totally integrated websites using the four pillars of Social Media Strategies – Communication, Collaboration, Education and Entertainment. IMG 1597 300x225 What is this website all about?... We explain it all !While this method of creating the web presence makes it quite unique, I hope you find my implementation of the social media strategies do improve communication, encourage collaboration, helps in your education and lastly but importantly keeps you entertained.
Each of the 5 sites deals with a particular area for you to concentrate on. Using integration techniques we have made it easy for you to navigate from one site to the other at will.
In order to to enable you to understand the functions of each site and how they relate to each other we have created this particular additional ( parent) site-- to explain graphically and with the aid of just two five minute videos, how they have been put together so that you could benefit by taking full advantage of all the opportunities made available to you— for your success.
Please do read ‘My Promise’ statement on the ‘About Us’ page to understand why we are making available so much free information for your benefit.
To Your Success
God Bless

The following graphical represetation shows the five Websites.  You could click on any one of  the icons   to safely navigate to that website.

Selvas Network

The 5 sites have been designed so that they aid and abet each other and often interact as if it is one site. The individual functions  of each site is given below:

EUROPEAN INTERNET ACADEMYThis website deals with the Training of the Entrepreneur to be able to master all the principles and Business strategies necessary to succeed in his  business  mission.  (Education Element)

BEST ONLINE SECRETS— This website concentrates on the Internet Online Marketing strategies, tactics, tips and secrets.

HAPPY MEDIA KINGThis website deals with the Social Media especially on the available  and necessary  Strategies, Tactics, Tools for the entrepreneur to become successful.

PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT SOLUTIONSSuccess of the Entrepreneur depends not only on the knowledge of the subject matter but also on his personal traits, tenacity and mindset to succeed . This site therefore focuses on empowering the entrepreneur with all the personal attributes   necessary to succeed on his mission

SELVAS BLOGDeals with the offering of continued communication ,collaboration, education and entertainment of the Entrepreneur(Blog provides feedback)

THE ENTREPRENEUR’S FORUMIt is intended that once a number of successful Entrepreneurs have been created’ the last piece in the jigsaw-“The Social Media      OnlineEntrepreneur’s  FORUM” will   be created so that all entrepreneurs can communicate, collaborate, educate and entertain each other and in fact form Joint Ventures to support each other to attain even greater success.


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